The Verge's Noel Murray breaks down Paris is Burning's influence on the FX drama series Pose, on which Jennie serves as a Consulting Producer, encouraging readers to                                                                                  June 1, 2018

Wesley Morris includes Paris is Burning alongside Princess Mononoke, Do the Right thing, and Die Hard in                                                              for a special kids-only section of the New York Times pullout.  November 19, 2017

PBS's Independent Lens' "LGBT Movies That Rocked Their World"              on the legacy of "Paris is Burning" as a touchstone of queer cinema   June 10, 2017

Xfinity celebrated Pride Month by selecting 10 LGBT-centered films, choosing Paris is Burning as their Editor's Pick   May 29, 2017

Paris is Burning has been            to the Library of Congress National Film Registry. New York Times  December 14, 2016

AV Club published a               about Paris is Burning and the other 24 films added to the National Film Registry   December 14, 2016 

Jennie weighs in for a              to Frank Rich's New York Magazine article on Todd Haynes' film "Carol"   November 18, 2015 

The editors of Tribeca Film included Jennie and Paris is Burning as one of the                                                                                           August 17, 2015

Paris is Burning made Cinema Eye Honors' list                           for the second year in a row  October 13, 2015 


Jennie discussed her work on Earth Camp One, Paris is Burning, and her show at AMP Gallery with                                         June 3, 2015 

In an interview with Manohla Dargis for the New York Times, Jennie, along with Ava DuVernay, Barbara Streisand, Jill Soloway, Kimberly Peirce, and others, weighs in on the topic of                         January 21, 2015 

Cinema Eye Honors included Paris is Burning in their list of The Influentials: 25 nonfiction films that were most on the minds of fellow filmmakers in 2014  October 23, 2014

Jennie           this for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival website. The blog piece kicked off the festival's Freefail event, on the uses and meaning of failure, which included a panel with festival founder Robert Redford and director Jill Soloway (Transparent)  January 22, 2014

A          on the making of, critical response to, and influence of Paris is Burning: Paris is Burning a Queer Film Classic, Lucas Hilderbrand, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2014 (first volume in a series, Queer Film Classics) 

Paris is Burning was ranked number 4 in an readers poll of the 25 most important LGBT films of all time  June 6, 2014.

Paris Is Burning is number 9 on                     of documentaries to stream on                       right now  June 1, 2014.

                         that Pay Homage to ‘Paris is Burning,’ Saeed Jones,  February 7, 2013

Paris is Burning Helps Make Minority Gay Culture Mainstream, 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die, Current TV  August, 2011

POV Readers Poll on, The Greatest Documentaries of All Time, in which Paris is Burning got the most votes  November 8, 2012

                      New Doc from Paris is Burning"Director, Bryce J. Renninger,  January 6, 2011

last interview, Petter Wallenberg, Dazed 2009.

An                with Jennie Livingston by Dena Seidel, Films for the Feminist Classroom, volume 1, number 1, Rutgers University  2009

Paris is Burning was featured on New York Magazine’s 40th anniversary                                               next to Annie Hall, Do the Right Right Thing, and Pauline Kael. 2008.

                          for Jennie Livingston, Director of Paris is Burning and Who’s the Top?, Eugene Hernandez,  August 6, 2005

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