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Jennie Livingston is a groundbreaking filmmaker, known for lively storytelling, nuanced character portraits, and thoughtful explorations of identity, class, race, death, sex, and gender. 

In addition to directing and producing, Jennie’s a writer, photographer, draftsperson, educator, and director for hire. At heart, Jennie’s work is about how people create and re-create ourselves, about what allows us to survive and flourish. We are, despite the social worlds we create that constrain us, more mysterious, more animal, more complex, more noble. Qualities Jennie values in storytelling: wonder, complexity, and an understanding of what creates and preserves resilience in communities and individuals.


Works as a writer/director include: Paris is Burning; Who’s the Top?; Through the Ice; Hotheads. Television: consulting producer and director on PoseFX. Projections for live performance: Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters for Elton John.


Currently, Jennie’s working on a first-person hybrid feature, Earth Camp One about losing five family members in a decade, about queer identity and queer resilience, and about walking through the world (and surviving) by invoking the powers of looking and listening. 

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