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Is Alixe and Gwen's sexual disagree- ment the cause of their problems, or are their problems the cause of their sexual disagreement? And how should an artist nurture her vision: by seeking adventure on the edge or by staying home and writing? What's more real, our fantasies? Or what we actually do? In Who's the Top? there are no right answers, just musical numbers.

Who’s the Top? (2005) translated a topic that frequently makes people uncomfortable (kinky sex) into a form that’s all about joy and ease (Broadway musicals).

“witty and accomplished”

- Kevin Thomas

  The Los Angeles Times

“the best Marie Antoinette fantasy we've ever seen”

- Sarah Harrison

"production numbers are more exuberant than anything in Rent.”

- Wesley Morris

  Boston Globe

The film features Marin Hinkle, Shelly Mars, Steve Buscemi, Brigitte Bako, and 24 dancers. Choreography by John Carrafa. Top? premiered at the Berlinale; it screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide and had extended runs at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the London Institute of Contemporary Art.

“Livingston delivers a sharp...and provoking tale about the meaning of power, the nature of reality and the elusiveness of love by posing questions seldom heard at cinemas."

- RJ Grubb

  Bay Windows 

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