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Earth Camp One Executive Producer Geralyn Dreyfous (who had 10 films in the festival!) introducing Jennie at the Earth Camp One event at the Park City Waldorf-Astoria 

At our Earth Camp One event, Jennie gave a talk called Imagining Nonfiction: Cultivating Empathy, Expanding the Form. Here she's pointing to the mountains, and suggesting that if the talk loses peoples' interest, they should feel free to enjoy the view.

Photo credit: Fish Griwkowsky

Photo credit: Fish Griwkowsky

The Sundance screensaver this year had stills from all the films: here's the Paris is Burning still, in the Marc Theater, and in the Egyptian Theater, where Paris screened.

The Paris is Burning poster, back in the spot where the first Paris is Burning poster was only 24 years ago!

Talking to  journalist Talalima Mobley just before the screening.

John Cooper, Director of the Sundance Film Festival, introducing Paris is Buring along with Senior Programmer John Nein, who's in charge of the Sundance Collection screenings, and moved Heaven and Earth (along with Outfest, UCLA, the Arcus Foundation, Miramax, and Modern VideoFilm) to facilitate the creation of a beautiful new print.  Here, Cooper was recalling how Paris is Burning was the first film he programmed.

Jennie with Jenni Olson doing the Q&A after the screening. Jenni's film The Royal Road premiered at the festival. She was also the co-director of Frameline back in 1990 when Paris is Burning premiered there.

Earth Camp One Producer Jisun Jamie Lee, Jennie, ECO Executive producer Jamie Wolf, and Jenni Olson right after Paris is Burning screened at the Egyptian Theater with a short excerpt of Earth Camp One.

Jennie and Nancy Kates (whose Regarding Susan Sontag was recently on HBO) at the HBO Doc party

Peaches, live in concert, from 3 feet away, at the fabulous Britdoc party. 


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