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AMP Gallery

During the Provincetown Film Festival, Jennie will give a short talk about nonfiction filmmaking, and its relationship to fiction, and will show a 15 minute demo of her work-in-progress Earth Camp One, along with a never-before-seen sequence from the film. Earth Camp One has been made possible so far by foundations like the Guggenheim Foundation and the Rosenthal Family Foundation, by Netflix, and by 540 Kickstarter backers.

It’s a predictably long process, making an independent nonfiction film, particularly if that work is not a conventional “doc,” but more of a memoir and essay. After years of work, we’re ready to bring in an editor, and are looking for allies and donors to join us to make that happen.

This is a film that’s likely to do for conversations about loss and impermanence what Paris is Burning did for conversations about gender, race, class, and identity. Is there anything cooler than reflection? Than complexity?

Please join us June 19, at 3 pm. AMP Gallery is at 148 Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA.

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